About us




MBike is an ambitious project that comes from the union of the cycling passion and the environmental protection. These matters led us to look for innovative solutions to the most common problems in the cycling field.

The “Modular Bike” project promotes bicycle riding as a means of transport for city trips, thus solving the main problems of urban mobility.

Indeed, the lack of bicycle facilities, such as bicycle paths and safe parking areas, discourages bicycle riding for the daily city trips.

The patented MBike technology is developed to integrate bicycles into the urban mobility.

MBike is a new concept that simplifies and solves the most common problems coming from the lack of adequate infrastructures for bicycle riders.

The patented MBike technology gives to a standard bike frame features such as sustainability, strength, riding comfort, lightweight and portability.

MBike with its aluminum frame is comfortable to ride and easy to carry along.


The MBike project changes the world of bicycles, it was conceived and made by people for the people



Bicycles and technology are our passions, we like what we do and we do it with love


Our constant care to the technological progress allows us to develop cutting-edge and unique products.


The bicycle is the very eco-friendly means of transport. We constantly look for sustainable solutions that could encourage the bicycle riding thus protecting the environment.


Our products are designed, developed, manufactured and patented in Italy.